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With an innovate model, Afluenta will allow you to obtain returns in USD* by investing in loan portfolios where you can finance Latin American Individuals and small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs).

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Investing in Afluenta is simple.


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1. Register
in few steps

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2. Deposit the funds
you want to invest

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3. Participate in a portfolio made up of loans from Latin American applicants

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4. Get returns in USD*
with the interest
of the loans

Why to choose Afluenta

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Estimated Returns
in USD*

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Cutting edge

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We are the leading fintech in the Latin American market that after 10 years of leadership has already granted more than 48,000 loans and more than 95,000,000 USD originated.

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Based on this disruptive proposal, Afluenta will allow you to generate a portfolio of loans from Latin American applicants so that investors from all over the world can finance, making your money work in an innovate way.

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Complying with the highest security standards, you can operate safely and encripted.

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